Austin holographic repatterning expert Mary Schneider knows how crucial vibrational frequency is for healthy relationships and life-impacting decisions. Here she weighs in with how to resonate vibrationally to create your best life ever.

Let’s face it: entrainment and resonance are laws. Entrainment is really how one actually “syncs up” with another. What you entrain with determines how your reality shows up. It is true that entrainment is a concept that comes from what is commonly referred to as “new physics” that tells us that we are all pulsating fields of energy at different vibrations. Where our vibration, or our frequency, is positioned has a very profound effect on how we live our lives and how we look at ourselves and our world. When we are entrained with another we are basically “on the same wavelength”. In new physics’ wave theory, we are told when the crest and trough of one wave syncs up with the crest and trough of another wave, the result is that amplitude and strength are doubled in both waves. So when we are entrained with another person of high vibrational frequency, we have more; more love, more joy, and more hope.

This is why our spiritual teachers constantly speak to us about the company that we keep. When we are in the presence of good company, we entrain to the vibratory frequency of the good and we come from that place ourselves. And, when we are in the company of those whose vibratory frequencies equal that of distrust and dishonesty and other forms of negativity, we can, unfortunately, entrain to those frequencies, also.

Our bodies are also a group of parts that when entrained come together to create a whole and healthy individual. This is why it is essential for us to keep ourselves spiraling up into higher and higher frequencies. This, of course, takes a certain amount of work and commitment to ourselves. It is basically our responsibility to make sure that we are in entrainment with the higher qualities of our human condition.

Swiss physicist Christian Huygens did an experiment with the Law of Entrainment where he hung 25 pendulum clocks on a wall. These clocks were of all different sizes and times and rhythms. Guess how long it took for all of the pendulums to be oscillating together? One hour. What this tells us is that there is tremendous implication for being in the orbit of an angry alcoholic parent for 18 years or so and what we may potentially entrain to from a vibrational perspective. We may find ourselves attracted to an angry person with a fundamental lack of knowledge as to why we are feeling this way. This is because we have entrained to our alcoholic parent’s anger and frustration and we actually carry these frequencies in our body-mind systems with negative consequences for our own decision-making and actions. That can be resolved with attention to the issue.

Resonance is the frequency at which a person or an object most naturally vibrates. Every organ, every cell, and every tissue in the human system has its own resonant frequency. These all come together to create one whole composite frequency – essentially our own notes. What you resonate with determines how you live your life; your thoughts, feelings, tendencies, and your beliefs. When you resonate with the great virtues like truth, justice, kindness, humility, etc., then the results you experience in your everyday interactions with others have greater potential for positive outcomes.

In Holographic Repatterning which is the work I do, we literally uncover the sub-conscious negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that a person resonates with and change that resonance. For instance, if you resonate with the frequency of “I am unlovable” even though you may have many individuals in your life who really do love you. It might be difficult for you to believe it or even feel the love given. As a result, you will choose certain situations in your life that mirror that negative belief about yourself; such as choosing a partner you feel really doesn’t love you or choosing a partner you don’t really love. Changing the resonance with this belief not only opens the space for receiving the love others give you, most importantly; it opens the space for you to love yourself. And, when you resonate with loving yourself, the sky is the limit.

In addition, because of this phenomenon, things can become more interesting when we enter the arena of getting our own needs met and/or meeting the needs of another. If we never got our needs met as children, we do not even think about what it is that we really need let alone ask for it. If we don’t resonate with getting our needs met, we may be with someone who is actually meeting our needs and we do not recognize it or, more importantly, we do not feel it. Resonating with having one’s needs met can change our situation in relationship without having to change the person we are in relationship with – which is often the only solution that we can envision. Of course, it we enter into another relationship without having changed that resonance with not recognizing when our needs are met, we won’t recognize if the new person is meeting our needs either. So we’ll have to find someone else and the cycle continues with, generally, great pain and suffering as the result.

it is our responsibility that we entrain and resonate with the higher qualities gifted to us as human beings. It is very possible starting here, starting now. If we entrain and resonate with the positive qualities in ourselves and others, we will positively affect our own lives and the lives of the people around us. That is because those around us will entrain and resonate with our own positive way of being. And, this can only mean good news for the world.