These stylishly soulful sister ingénues are the women we hear roar as The 70’s Me Decade refreshes into The Now Decade once again. They might catch the midnight train to Georgia, as they keep on truckin’…until all alone again, naturally. But their timeless style, which we can see clearly now, à la Bianca Jagger and Lauren Hutton, inspires today as we are hooked on a feeling to look backward to see the future in spring fashion.

Photography by Romy Suskin at
Styling by Megan Kyle Bennett at
Assistant Stylist: Sydney Huddleston
Make-Up by Jessi Pagel Diaz/Fire Makeup Artistry for
Hair by Beth Lloyd for
Models: Todiana Vasquez/ Kim Dawson Agency and Devon Yarbrough/ Kim Dawson Agency
Sittings Editor: Lance Avery Morgan

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