Gallery Scene: New York

San Antonio Art Gallery Opens Second Location in Manhattan

By Ellie Leeper
Photography Courtesy of Ruiz-Healy and Patrick McMullan-Jonathon Ziegler

San Antonio-based Ruiz-Healy Art announced the inauguration of its new gallery space in New York City this winter, with the opening of Refined Abundance, an exhibition by renowned Mexican painter Pedro Diego Alvarado-Rivera, whose formal education began in Mexico City at the National School of Painting and Sculpture. From there he continued at the Academy of San Carlos, a school intimately linked to the birth and proliferation of Mexican Modernism. His studies continued in Paris at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, and with world-renowned photographer and artist Henri Cartier-Bresson, where he studied drawing and painting. He also worked as an apprentice in the lithography studio of Clot Bramsen et Georges.

Alvarado-Rivera extended his personal study throughout the 1980s back in Mexico, where he studied landscape with Maestro Jesus Gallardo in Guanajuato, and enhanced his own studio practice through apprenticeships with Maestros Ricardo Martinez and Vlady in Mexico City. In 1994, he perfected his skills further through a London apprenticeship with one of the greats of Latin American painting, Maestro Armando Morales. Alvarado-Rivera’s have been described as “unapologetically pictorial formal explorations in paint of a focused portion of the visible world.”

Refined Abundance’s exhibition, which runs through April, iss presented by Ruiz-Healy Art to make Alvarado-Rivera’s work available to collectors and admirers in the U.S., and is held in parallel to a major retrospective exhibit of the artist’s work that iss on display at the Museo San Ildefonso in Mexico City. Ruiz-Healy Art offered advance copies of the book Form and Metaphor, an extensive look at Alvarado-Rivera’s work, to compliment the exhibition opening in Mexico City. Ruiz-Healy Art has operated a space in San Antonio since 2006, and is thrilled to have a second location in New York City and look forward to their next exhibition.


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