San Antonian Suzanne Negley is traveling the state to find the most charming pet owners and the dogs whose tail wagging has them hypnotized. Here three Texans weigh in with their version of The Pet Set



What is your dog’s style these days and who is his celebrity twin?

For sure Urban Cowboy. He reminds me of Owen Wilson…handsome but so goofy.


What is Jake’s favorite Texas past time?

Dove and quail hunting. He also loves to play polo and ride along with me sometimes fetching the polo ball and bringing it back to me. Plus, he knows where to set it down in front of the horse so I can hit it.


Does he have any funny quirks?

If you ask him to sit and he automatically lays down and rolls on his back, feet up in the air expressing “look at me.”


Any irrational fears that motivate him?

He is constantly afraid people don’t like him and that he’s in trouble. So, he always wants to please.



What is your dog’s love story?

We were two naive newlyweds who met and fell for what we thought was a purebred French Bulldog puppy…and ended up with a lovable Pitbull mix.


How would you describe your dog’s style?

He is a hipster, but I think he is a little too stocky to pull off skinny dog jeans. So I picture him in an old school Adidas track suit with a big gold chain, instead, since the 80s were definitely his decade.


Does he have any irrational fears?

Mostly all lawn maintenance equipment: rakes, shovels and leaf blowers. He is in an ongoing battle with the pool Polaris and the robot is winning.


If your pet had a voice, who/what would it sound like?

He has a French accent, naturally.



How would you describe your dogs’ style?

Elmo is pajamas on Christmas morning cozy, while Grover’s style is more short-sleeved-button-down-with-a-pocket-protector.


What is your favorite Texas activity together?

We love to spend afternoons at the Greenbelt. Grover chases dogs, people, and, most importantly to him, squirrels. Elmo chases Grover and I pretend like they’re not mine when they don’t behave.


If your furry pal was a movie star or pop icon who would they be?

Grover is Paul Blart, Mall Cop of the dog park – he has very little authority in actuality, but he takes his self-appointed duty of policing any mischief quite seriously. Elmos is the chubby little boy from the original Haters Gonna Hate meme.


Do they your dogs have any favorite foods?

Elmo loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, meanwhile Grover will eat anything and everything.