In the always-evolving world of technology and design, exemplary design always rises to the top of what people want, and often, even before they know they want it.  In a new feature, Lance Avery Morgan, searches the world over to bring you design that can inspire your everyday life. 

Brown Preps Mainstream

Revolutionary menswear designer Thom Browne’s new Black Fleece line for Brooks Brothers tempers his ultra slim and short silhouette for the modern man.


Real life Mad Men era art director George Lois created legendary Esquire magazine covers that still resonate soundly today.

Push-Button Living

Vintage Magnavox TV and Hi-Fi set ads represented imaginative forward-thinking Utopian living that continues to inspire.

Hollywood Regency Redux

Italian-based Sylva embraces Old Hollywood glam in a curated line of furniture that raises any room’s style quotient through the roof.

Wright On

When in doubt, think Wright who was rarely wrong. In the design world, anyway.  Rediscover the allure of Fallingwater, masterful architecture that is timeless.

Pencil and Paper

Design company Fifty Three debuted the app Paper that turns your iPad into a sketch pad. Going one step further, it created the Pencil stylus for designing that is formed like a carpenter’s pencil that has been used by builders and creative types for centuries. $59.95

Just Hanging Around

German lighting maker Schneid Enlightment has created a collection of eye-catching lamps made from sustainably-sourced poplar, ash or oak wood. Inspired by the cone of the French pine, this Zappy Ash model casts a very warm light, which is emitted through the high-quality veneer panels.

Glass Act

Recycling gets chicer every day. Check out the WesternTrash products are based on reused wine and soft drink bottles, each carefully crafted into stylishly functional products for the home.

Time Is On Your Side

Bulbul, a Danish-designed watch brand debuted the Pebble watch that is not symmetric, square or round like watches traditionally are. About $440.

Mirror, Mirror

This Mingling Slats mirror from Horchow adds depth and interest to this round mirror. that is 42″Dia. x 2″D. Imported. $395.

Dance Fever

This sustainable energy floor is the fully recyclable, modular floor system from the Netherlands-based company, Energy Floors, can be integrated into a wide variety of spaces and the energy generated can be used to power the floor’s LED lights or other applications, or it can even be fed into the electricity grid.

Suit Yourself

These shark-deterring wetsuit by Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS Technology™) were developed using materials that have a specific contrast, color, size and shape according to the position of the wearer in the water, at the distance a shark is likely to sense the wearer. The great news is that your wetsuit will no longer make you look like a seal.