As we ring in the old year and toast the new one, why not move from the past and embrace the future to create more opportunities? Austin-based Resonance RepatternIng practitioner Mary Schneider shares her expertise with how to expand and thrive during this transitional time of the season.

Completion always prepares the way for a new beginning. As we end this year and move into a new year, why not bring the old one to a complete ending with the clear and thoughtful intention to let go once and for all?

A spiritual teacher spoke at great length of the virtues of celebrating endings – any kind of endings: the end of the day, a project, relationship, or any other human activity. The teacher suggested that engaging in some form of ritual, no matter how great or small, would imbue that ending with the blessings of spirit. Then, the next activity would be inculcated with the blessing of the former and therefore, would engender clarity from the start. More clarity allows for a pure intention and greater energy. This energy brings forth more excitement, enthusiasm and effectiveness to whatever we are doing. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek language and literally means in God.


In our fast-paced culture today, we are frequently involved in any number of activities simultaneously. Recognizing and celebrating what we have completed and finished allows us to stop for a moment and contemplate. What we could use much more of in society is contemplation or stillness. Unfortunately, as a result, we have forgotten the importance and significance of ritual in our lives.

Not too long ago, ritual was an integral part of our everyday experience and in many cultures in the world it remains so. Mankind lived and worked according to the rise and fall of the sun and engaged in a great many rituals that signified the passing of time, the completion of an endeavor and the opportunity to begin anew. Life was much slower in those days and human beings were able to take the time to better plan for these kinds of remembrances.

If we take the time for small, little remembrances that mark the passages of what we have accomplished throughout the day or even the week, we open the space for a different experience in our daily lives – for a more spiritual experience. Spi-ritual means a ritual of hope and the engagement in the ritual of completion and endings injects hope into the fabric of our lives. It instills a deeper engagement with our inner selves. We then develop a greater and deeper relationship with our higher selves and our decisions come more often occur from that place. It is really likened to a little meditation that deepens our experience of life.

In the realm of energetic medicine, completion is an important by-product of a balanced earth chakra. In the Ayurvedic Chakra System, the earth chakra is located at the base of the spine and helps us to stay grounded in ourselves. When we are not given the opportunity to complete particular experiences or periods in our lives, the imbalance generated in the earth chakra makes it difficult for us to be able to let go and move into new beginnings with strength and flexibility. 


Instead we struggle to know what our next steps are and have difficulty making decisions that enable us to move forward in our lives. One of the most interesting and profound examples of this type of imbalance often occurs in children of military families. The constant change and transition inherent in that lifestyle, moving from one locale to another year after year, makes it very hard for these children to complete large sections of their lives. As a group, they have trouble initiating and sustaining long-term relationships because the pattern of having them regularly cut off is profoundly ingrained.

When we are able to go back and complete the old, broken relationships, we begin to markedly move forward in all areas of life in all kinds of relationships. In addition to completion, the earth chakra governs a whole host of significant aspects of the human experience such as home, family, tribe, transition, security, safety, nurturance, nourishment – and mother. The earth chakra is also involved in our relationship with Mother Earth even to the point of affecting how we assimilate particular kinds of food and nutrition.

For the beginning of 2015 consider celebrating the wins of 2014 – let go of your losses and disappointments. The celebration of the end of 2014 will help a great deal. That could mean a traditional New Year’s Eve, along with something more contemplative to mark the end of the old and the beginning of the next year. We can celebrate the new year by re-introducing ritual into our daily lives by recognizing the blessed completion of another year as we approach life anew with more clarity, strength, flexibility, and purpose for a successful year ahead.