We are all innately creative, yet just how do we embrace and nurture that for continued growth? Our intuitive Austin-based Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Mary Schneider shares ideas that help us thrive


Creativity is inherent in the human system. It is life. Look around our creation. Creativity abounds. Everyone is creative and there are a million different ways people can express their creativity.  Being creative enables us to express our emotions which for many of us can be difficult. Self-expression can offer our systems blessed relief and release from negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs that cause limitation and suffering in our lives. At other times creative expression offers a window into the sub-conscious. It can be both a catalyst for working through difficult situations or an immense expression of joy.

One issue that hinders the quest for creative expression is perfectionism. Perfectionism may be the enemy of creativity. Children raised in family systems devoid of praise and encouragement or infused with abuse come to believe the only way to be loved is to be perfect. Their creativity is entangled in the pursuit of how to achieve perfection in themselves and in everything they produce. They think, “Maybe if I get perfect grades, look perfect, act perfect – just maybe I will be loved.” As a result, the ability to trust themselves is compromised. Self-doubt and second-guessing cloud the mind and the freedom inherent in creativity becomes stifled. Mistakes can be the bane of perfectionism. And, mistakes are the hallmark of creativity. Thomas Edison performed thousands of experiments before perfecting a working light bulb. We are all allowed to do the same thing.

I had a brilliant business coach who said, “If you are not making mistakes, you are not doing anything.” Successful people – in business or the arts – often make big, expensive mistakes and think, “Oh, well, I guess I am going in the wrong direction. I need to make a course correction here.” They change direction and move on. It would be an interesting study to look at different great works of art and determine which part was the result of some large, obvious error turning out well. How did Jackson Pollock figure out throwing paint on a canvas could look so compelling? It certainly was not considered perfect at the time. Yet, his art now fetches some of the highest prices ever paid for paintings.


We are not all Jackson Pollocks. That is probably a good thing – he was a tortured artist who struggled with many personal issues. But the idea that we need to be someone like Pollock to be creative is a myth whose time needs to come to an end. Being unable to self-express has its origins in control issues. Control in a human system manifests as constriction. The need to control everything is unhealthy. But control is the natural outcome of difficult, dysfunctional families and upbringing. A child raised in a family where everything seemed out-of-control, if they have any smarts at all, decides to try to control everything they can as adults. And, why not? They do not want to experience that dynamic again. It makes total sense.

So what is the opposite of control? Allowing. That’s right, allowing – say the word slowly and spell it out phonetically. When you say it like this you can feel expansion stir in your being. Spaciousness, the opposite of rigidity, is the result of creative expression. It does not have to be done for anyone. It can be done in secret. It can be done just for yourself. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the successful book Eat, Pray, Love for herself, for her eyes only. She never intended for anyone to even read it and it became a best-seller with a film starring Julia Roberts.

Constriction in a human system is not conducive to well-being and is a deterrent to creative expression. Constriction creates tension in the muscles and tightens the organs so they do not function optimally. It restricts the energy flow in the body. Acupuncture, chiropractic and other complimentary healing modalities are based upon re-establishing this flow of energy in the body. The basic premise is where there is energy blockage there is the potential for disease.

Unblock the energy and let it flow and homeostasis shall return. Expressing your creativity can contribute to this beneficial flow. It opens us up. When there is opening there is space for new possibility in all areas of our life. In this bright, shiny holiday season, I invite you to let your creativity loose. This is the time of year when there is an abundance of support for this type of activity which can lead to a fulfilled and prosperous New Year. So, have fun and enjoy. This is what we are all meant to do.