HGTV Design Star Abby Vasek’s was many viewer’s favorite choice to succeed with her winning, comfy interior design style. Our own design fan Molly Bayme catches up on the Wimberly resident’s path to success… and beyond.

By Molly Bayme
Photography courtesy of HGTV Network

WINNING DESIGN                                                                                          

Love the HGTV Design Star contestants as much as we do? Yep, we thought so and that’s why we recently pursued the opportunity to speak with season eight’s endearing Design Star contestant, Abby Vasek. This interior design dynamo’s background in both design and theatrics made her an extraordinary contestant on the network’s top-rated show. Not only did she beautifully carry out the challenges presented on the show, yet she also was able to capture the audience’s attention in an entertaining manner.

When asked about her Tex Aesthetic Design, as she calls it, she feels it helped her get on Design Star. Vasek shared that her style overall “is unique from the judges’ personal taste, as well as the taste of many other designers.” “While various designers implement contemporary and super luxury themes, I tend like the eclectic “rustic and bohemian” look,” Vasek says. The fact that Vasek’s interior design style was so different from the other competing designs added to the diversity of styles amongst the show’s cast desired by the producers. Vasek’s Tex Aesthetic Design was the winning number that displayed this distinctiveness, distinguishing Vasek from the large pool of applicants aspiring to be on the show.

Vasek was able to display this matchless sense of style in her favorite challenge-the first challenge of season 8. In this challenge, contestants were given the opportunity to create a vignette that expressed the designers’ personal points of view. Sound difficult?  Not her Vasek, who took this opportunity to display the style she really loves to the audience. Vasek states this was her favorite challenge, because she was able to design her own fabric and wallpaper, which she really enjoyed creating. In addition, this was the only independent design challenge offered, as opposed to future team challenges, and Vasek liked the fact that she could focus on her own personal styles without having to navigate through different relationships with fellow contestants in doing so.

The designer divulges that overall the cast members got along throughout the course of season eight. The cast was a “fun crew” and she loved that she was able to work so closely with designers at the top of the design field who “live, eat, and breathe design”. Vasek was thrilled that the cast was forced to get to know each other through such intimate work and confided about how it’s often difficult to get to know people in our busy day-to-day lives. in the Design Star environment, she relates, it was much easier.


By participating in HGTV’s Design Star, many doors were opened for Vasek’s business, Abby Vasek Interiors, based in the creative enclave of Wimberly west of Austin. Networking opportunities were created and Vasek has been working with different builders, participating various other promotional activities, and partaking in numerous speaking engagements. Design Star not only opened doors for Abby Vasek Interiors but also opened doors for Vasek herself since she has been given many occasions in which she can be a speaker and encourager – both of which she loves doing.

You may be thinking what advice does Abby as an interior designer have for me?  Aren’t we all. In speaking with Vasek, she disclosed three ways to make a living room pop:

1. The first recommendation she makes is to start drapery at the ceiling. This will give the living room a longer and more dramatic look.

2. Paint the living room walls with a warm color. The warm color will make the room more open and inviting.

3. Do not be afraid to mix and match. Buy different types of woods and metals and blend it together in order to get the more eclectic look. “It is more fun when you make it interesting by putting different styles together,” she muses.

When she was what creatively inspires her these days, Vasek was quick to respond with the “art of hospitality”. Vasek has been inspired by both bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels in the Heart of Texas Hill Country to incorporate more thoughtful design into her work, which further reflects her own inviting personality.

As far as what remains next in her career beyond the show, Vasek has a plan. HGTV is a “do it yourself” kind of network. This very fact inspired Vasek to think more about how she could further connect with “do it yourselfers” like herself in the marketplace. In an attempt to do so, her eponymous Abby Vasek Interiors is beginning to offer more consultations to push the “do it yourselfers” in the right direction or to affirm a “do it yourselfer’s” decision.

Her goal is to give her clients a framework of design and then let them do as they please in hopes of “bridging the gap between regular folks and interior design”. On top of this career move, Vasek divulged the exciting news that she and Bex Hale, another former Design Star contestant, are taking on a project together. They are collaborating and redecorating a Hill Country hacienda-style ranch in her home of Whimberly, Vasek and Hale are going to make this ranch a luxury bed and breakfast, and the hope is for it to become a destination.

We loved watching Vasek on HGTV’s Design Star, and we are more than excited to see what Vasek’s future has in store. The uniqueness of her eclectic, rustic bohemian style is sure to lead her down a successful path. For more information on Abby Vasek, visit, visit  Abbyvasekinteriors.com