Photographer Rahm Carrington shooting Uniform 300 with Lance Avery Morgan.

While walking the downtown streets of San Antonio recently, strolling by the Majestic Theatre, I looked up at the vintage Walgreen’s sign and glanced down Houston street—I was reminded of what my grandparents must have seen. As longtime residents, they themselves walked down the same streets and saw similar sights in the 1920s through the 1960s when they lived nearby in the bustling, and now quite revered, King William District. I recall them recounting fond memories of the vibrant city that reached a million residents when Houston and Dallas did, too.

HemisFair ’68.

San Antonio, at 300 years young, celebrating its well-deserved Tricentennial, has always been a rich partner in the dance that is Texas. From its early rule by Spain and Mexico to the oft-memorialized Battle of the Alamo, there’s something about the city’s vibrant heritage and provenance that makes it uniquely Texan. It’s part of the fabric that weaves a colorful new tapestry every day in the state. We are proud to honor this special occasion as these pages unfold to share what you may not know about the city. Our special feature includes John Bloodsworth’s point of view on two particularly interesting parts of the city’s pedigree, Fiesta and Hemisfair ’68. The two beloved icons from the past that affect the present, are special highlights of the piece, as well as where to go and what to do during the days of the Tricentennial celebration in May.   


Hemisfair ’68.

While I last visited San Antonio, I visited with Rahm Carrington, who with his mother Alice Carrington Foultz is photographing a monumental undertaking titled Uniform 300, which reflects 300 San Antonians and residents of the region who wear uniforms. My uniform? The tuxedo. It’s as much of a uniform from September 1 through June 1 as there ever was one. But the best part of the photo shoot was spending time with this mother-son duo who embody the region’s past, present and future with their King Ranch family ties. Their goal with the project is to reflect the diversity that comprises the beloved region, already well-known for its visual arts, and to present it as even more of an artful beacon of light. Posing for Rahm, who has shot rock stars, landscapes and lifestyle street scenes, was a cool experience because he himself has a cool vibe. He and Alice showed me a map of the region with pins that dotted it, marking the spots of each subject’s locale. With the vintage Beach Boys Pet Sounds album playing on a state of the art modern turntable in the background, the scene seemed to represent how San Antonio sees itself–the old meeting the new, the past respecting the potential of the future and a pedigree marching toward innovation.

A Fiesta Float.

The session continued with a conversation about what uniforms actually represent to the wearer. A laundry list of uniforms have already been shot, including: musicians, fashion designers, chefs, architects, flamenco dancers, beauty contestant winners, architects, hat makers, doctors, and bakers, to name a few. The subjects are as far ranging as the region and the state itself and we look forward to presenting a fuller scope in these pages as the project continues this year.

Texas, always dynamic in scope and energetically electric, is what we enjoy capturing in each issue and this month, especially in San Antonio. So, settle in as we kick off the summer by bringing you the best galas, life inspiration, and style… and a visit to how San Antonio has spent 300 years being a foundational component of this state. So, take us with you in print or digitally wherever you go, from poolside to the cooler climate mountains, won’t you?


Portrait photography by Gregg Cestaro.

XO Lance Avery Morgan



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