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Warhol, in addition to his every-person-famous-for-15 minutes theory, also said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Along those lines, I recall learning as a child the wise words, be yourself: everybody else Is already taken. So, with the New Year here and moving forward, I adhere to thought leader Michael Beckwith who recommends we plant where we want to grow.

And grow we have, as we begin our seventh year of creating The Society Diaries with not only our addition of a strongly enhanced digital presence of our newly launched The Society Diaries TV helmed by Tori Johnson with a recent interview with designer Rachel Zoe, yet also our look at the world has evolved from being a regional magazine covering Austin and San Antonio to now include Houston, Dallas and South Texas. We’ve loved supporting causes in our own back yard and helping to tell their story at a deeper level, as well as our expanding to national and international coverage of supporting our friends closely attached to organizations such as the American Friends of The Louvre. American Friends of Versailles, Save Venice to name just a few. With the fundraising circuit so robust and so many causes to celebrate, as you’ll see in this issue, we know that creating a wide-reaching exposure and providing ongoing encouragement in raising funds is part of what we do.

As we also enter award season with the Super Bowl (in Houston this year, the first time since 2004), the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, and a plethora of other celebratory occasions in your own city, we know that what you see on the red carpet and runway will translate into trends for our fashion stories. With this season’s more is more is more point of view, we love how this year’s chicest styles are gorgeously predicted with our cover feature, To The Manor Worn, exquisitely photographed and styled by dynamic sister act Romy Suskin and Danica Suskin, As Mainbocher, the recently re-discovered American born couturier we highlight in our Seek department pages, I am reminded that he stated, I have never known a chic woman whose appearance was not, in large part, an outward reflection of her inner self.

So, we’ve channeled our inner Mainbocher – and you – throughout this entire issue to illuminate how you can incorporate your own personal style as an individualistic expression of yourself. This is also seen in our Host section as we profile a dinner party on the conceptual Slow Food/Slow fashion concept that is placing farm to table food and ethical fashion firmly in the spotlight everywhere we turn. Count on us to inspire by bringing an exclusive look at private events like this one in the future, too.

As we whisk away to tiny European country Lichtenstein, we see a big opportunity in discovering the undiscovered as Ashley Dobson does in this travel piece. Closer to home, there’s mostly big in Texas with our inaugural Texas A To Z feature created by our team of the people, places and things that are near and dear to the hearts of us, and the state. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, we take a pop cultural look at the icons, symbols and images that represents who we are in 2017.

2017janfeb_editors_bottom-of-pg-with-credit-photo-by-megan-kyle-bennettAs we take a deeper dive into this bright and shiny New Year, we’re reminded that we have choices in how we live and operate like choosing feelings over logic, adventure over perfection, here over there, and always, love first. That in mind, we’re looking forward to loving how we feel choosing adventure here that resonates our most important asset, you our reader and follower. So, stand tall, chin up and shoulders back as we progress together into these exciting times ahead.

XO Lance Avery Morgan

Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director

Photography by Megan Kyle Bennett


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