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There’s a lot of conversation surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love ’67. That summer brought a sea change in fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture— and we haven’t looked back once. Just like the groundbreaking 60s fashionistas, we too are on a journey to find ever-renewed authenticity. 

Since traveling is on all our minds this summer, it gets me thinking about how we travel though life metaphorically. What’s the mode of transportation? Ourselves. We carry ourselves from Point A to Point B in the stories of our lives. We decide how the journey will be. Is it bumpy or smooth? It’s completely up to us. No matter where we go, there we are. Like you, I live my life as fully as possible. In fact, I’ve developed a handful of guiding principles to help manifest life’s great passions. Here are a dozen of my favorite “Rules of the Road”…

Travel Widens Your Peripheral Vision. If I had a nickel for every time I met someone while traveling… So now, I always expect the unexpected when traveling near or far.

Mean It To Be It. The meaning of life is what we are all searching for. Define it for yourself and no one else. They will figure it out.

Thoughts Become Words That Become Actions. If you think it, it can transpire. Thinking the best things is always better than thinking of the negative stuff, right?

Cool The Control. No one is exactly the way we want them to be. Loosen the grip and see how life can blossom in surprising ways.

Little Things Weigh A Ton. We’re always delighted when we run into someone from our past and they reciprocate the positivity we showed them, long forgotten by us.  It’s all about the small things.

Catch And Release. As in deep-sea fishing, you must know what’s worth hanging onto. Don’t be attached to the outcome of anything. If you remain open to the possibilities, the world is your oyster.

Word Games. Words matter, as do the people who both say and hear them. Make them count like they are precious morsels bestowed with blessings.

Reaction, Then Action. Look before you leap, get all the facts, then pursue. Most poor decisions are usually hasty ones. Sometimes it helps to take your time.

Gratitude Grows Gregariously. If you allow it, being thankful at every turn can be a way of life. Even on the rainy days of life. It showers opportunity upon you.

Try or Do? Trying counts, yet doing creates boundless creations. If it means something of substance, “just do it” like it was an 80s ad campaign.

Past Imperfect. What’s done is done. Reckon with it since you can’t change it, and approach life as if everything counts from this day forward.

Take The High Road. The View’s Way Better. As we travel among the peaks and yes, the depths of life, being kind is always the best trajectory to chart the course.

We love, love, love this issue.  Literally— we always approach things with a loving point of view, and our wedding features capture that P.O.V. like none other. From destination weddings to those in our home territory of Texas, we showcase what makes these couples and their celebrations so special to them, their families and friends.

Our far-flung cover story takes us to the French Riviera, a fabled coast of glamour where many of our readers have enjoyed glorious holidays in their lives. Since the days when Princess Grace found her Prince Rainier, little has changed with the Jet Set vibe the land exudes, as Ashley Dobson shares. Closer to home, Jonathan Spindel visits a new resort in tropical Mexico, Mahekal, which captures the magical feeling of resort escapes. Tori Johnson finds stylish inspiration in Cuba’s reemergence and recommends more than a few ways to bring that island chic into your own closet. Also awaiting you in this issue are recipes for entertaining sips and savories, tips being as beautiful as possible, and of course the timeless lifestyle insights shared by Miranda Walichowski, Amy Edwards, Sharon Schweitzer and more.

Our social editors have been on the go all season to bring you the finale of spring’s charitable events across the state. What to support in Houston? Ask Jen Roosth. What’s happening in Dallas that everyone is talking about? Look no further than Cynthia Smoot.  What’s captivating Austin’s cool kids?  Rob Giardinelli knows. In San Antonio, there’s always a party happening if Rossana Leeper is recommending it. The list goes on as we love to be on the spot, in the scene and chronicling all there is to see and do right now.

So, pull up a chaise, settle into your beach towel and have a ball as we bring you our own Summer of Love 2017.

XOLance Avery Morgan


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