Come Fly With Me

There’s something sexy about the idea of a romantic weekend getaway.  Here Austin relationship expert and professional matchmaker Julia McCurley helps you prepare to refresh your love with shared travel.

It has been said that we need just three things in life: something to do, something to look forward to  and someone to love.  Anonymous

Here’s a little pearl of wisdom about relationships: if you think it’s time to get away to put a little spark in your love life, it usually is. If you don’t think a romantic rendezvous is needed, take one anyway. A little romantic getaway never hurt any relationship, it can only enhance it.

Planning a romantic getaway can help to strengthen your relationship. For many couples, the problems they face on a daily basis are due to not being able to communicate easily between each other. A getaway for just the two of you enables you to talk with one another without the distractions of daily life. And, if you have children, some adult time alone can help you remember what attracted you to each other in the first place. We are all busy faces the every day challenges of our lives: from family commitments and career pressures to getting to the next soccer match on time. I’ve found three places that I love for a getaway.

One thing, too, is that I always try to smartly pack one bag to carry on, or Fex Ex a bag ahead so I don’t have to worry about it.  It saves time, is efficient and it’s nice to arrive having packed lightly or have your bags waiting for you.

Where might you consider taking this romantic getaway? Here are a few of my personal favorites I recommend you try, or try again.

The British Virgin Islands

There is something about a tropical island that jwhispers romance into my ear. Maybe it is the azure blue water. Maybe it is the golden sun. Maybe it is tenderly applying suntan lotion on each other. When you hear the word island, most people think of going to the US Virgin Islands destinations like St. John’s and St. Thomas. However, I have discovered that the British Virgin Islands are a little less touristy and ultra romantic. The most popular destinations include the islands of Tortolla, Jost Van Dyke, and  Virgin Gorda. The most luxurious one of all is the super exclusive Peter Island. It is a private adults-only resort with beach front rooms that come complete with their own palm tree and swinging hammock. The capacity is only for 200 and there is two staff members oer guest, and the service is five star. I guarantee you and yours will not be disappointed.

The Greek Islands

The Greeks have a word for it. Sexy. When considering what islands to visit in Greece, many think of Santorini, Mykonis,Crete and other well-known ones. I would suggest a more private, exclusive destination like the island of Rhodes. The largest of the twelve Dodecanese islands on the Aegean’s eastern edge, Rhodes is also its most popular. The well-preserved medieval city of Rhodes sits at the north of the island of the same name. High-rise hotels line the northern and eastern coastlines. Small villages and resorts dot the island’s other shores. Whether your interests are beaches, bars or ancient sites, Rhodes offers an abundance of all three. Authentic Greece can be found in the hilly interior of the 50-mile-long island. It also was the winner of the 2012 Travelers Choice Award, so I love a Mediterranean jaunt like this to rekindle the relationship fire.


It’s called the City of Love for so many reasons.  You’ve seen couples kissing each other on street corners in broad daylight like I have and Paris certainly is a favorite destination for couples wishing to enjoy their honeymoon. You can visit some of the world’s most dazzlingly historic and dramatic places and minutes later, stroll over to sit on a quiet bench while watching the Seine river’s water cascading by. Paris, as any other exotic location, dazzles for so many reasons. The beauty of Paris and the contrast of it from one’s own home city creates a feeling of excitement and experience that one has not felt before. It is an ideal venue to spark romance and fall in love again because the city tends to lend itself to the spontaneous adventure rather than the routine.

Remember, a relationship sometimes needs a little tending to help keep it romantic. A romantic getaway helps. You can also keep the romance alive after your getaway by planning your getway together in advance to create the anticipation or you can decide on a Thursday night for a long weekend jaunt. Whatever you choose, a romantic frame of mind will heighten the romance beyond your wildest expectations.

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