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Dallasite Moll Anderson is making the world more beautiful by designing with dozens of color at a time. Here our Lance Avery Morgan catches up with this design dynamo about her new book Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color…and what she loves about Texas.

2017MarApr_style_fashion_book cover MIDDLE OF PAGEWhat was your greatest style inspiration in writing your new book?…

Color! It inspired me and changed my own life. Color is an amazing source of energy and has a sensory effect on all of us. It affects our moods, our feelings and even our behavior. I want to inspire people to take possession of the transformative power of color in their lives.

2017MarApr_style_fashion_Highland Park Village, DallasFavorite street in the world for design and fashion shopping…

for design shopping it’s Forty Five Ten and Highland Park Village.

2017MarApr_style_fashion_FLORAL TO SILHOUETTE WITH VASEMy must-have home accessory for this spring is…

flowers in a color that makes my heart skip a beat. I also love colorful glassware. Discover your happy hour color in beautiful Moser glasses—the colors are amazing.

2017MarApr_style_fashion_Audrey Hepburn, Funny Face. 1957My favorite style icon in design or fashion…

is Audrey Hepburn for her style and grace. She was like no other and her heart was even bigger than Texas. She was not only my fashion influence, but also my philanthropic influence—my heart, like hers is with UNICEF.

2017MarApr_style_fashion_The cast of TV Land's YoungerFavorite binge-worthy show to view… 

You’re going to laugh, but the show is Younger on TV Land. The main character Liza has gone through a divorce with a great attitude and tries to find a job in publishing. She quickly finds out they are only hiring millennials with tech minds and social marketing skills who are fashionably hip so she turns herself into a younger woman… acting as a twenty-something.

If I weren’t an interior designer…

I’d be a clothing designer, which reminds me of my favorite quote: “It’s never too late to be who you were meant to be.”

The best thing about spending time in Dallas is…

the people! I have honestly never met a more welcoming and gracious group of people in the world.

2017MarApr_style_fashion_vintage refrig image NO CUTLINEIn my refrigerator you’ll always find…

I became Paleo eight months ago, so you will always find containers of homemade organic chicken soup, grilled cold filet of beef, cooked pulled chicken breasts, fresh kale, cilantro and mint, jalapeno and habanero peppers, eggs, avocados and lemons, apple, fennel and celery salad. In the freezer you will find Casa Dragones tequila.

For more information visit http://www.mollanderson.com

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