Charity Culture

Want to make a splash and also, help your favorite cause? Our hostess with the mostest Lara Shriftman recommends hosting a truck show to raise much-needed funds for your favorite cause with tips on how to create it successfully.

Often I plan large star-studded events for clients, yet when it comes to throwing parties for myself though, I prefer small intimate gatherings with my close friends. I have hosted small get-togethers for many different occasions, but I became most excited when I stumbled upon the trend in entertaining with trunk shows.

Trunk shows that benefit a worthy charity allows a very chic and private shopping experience for those who want personalized attention paid to their purchases. They allow friends to enjoy cocktails, play “dress up” and often times meet amazing designers who have created what the guests are purchasing. Plus, with a portion of the proceeds donated to a worthy cause, you have a wonderful time while doing good in the world.

Here’s my step-by-step guide to throwing a great charity-benefitting trunk show:

Cause For Help

Ask the designer or vendor if they can offer a discount or donate a portion of proceeds to a cause. This is an especially nice touch as guests felt encouraged to shop and buy more in order to help the specific cause. Anywhere from 10-20% of the proceeds from one event can help provide vital services for the cause you choose.

Location, Location, Location

Consider your guests when choosing party site. A trendy boutique in your city can help make this event spectacular. It is already equipped with the racks, hangers and mirrors you need to host a trunk show, so choosing a retail space will save you time and money that can go to the cause. As an alternative, your home can provide an intimate setting for a group of close friends, as can a new restaurant or hotel in your area.

Guest Who’s Coming

A pristine guest list is key to any successful entertaining. Be sure to invite like-minded, interesting and diverse group. This will allow guests to mingle with old friends, while also meeting new ones.

Lean’s Cuisine

Keep the menu light. People often arrive at parties hungry, so make sure to have bites for guests to nibble. Since people will be trying on clothes, it is especially important to keep portions small. Serve bite-sized snacks like caviar on toast for high-end formal events, and different dips for more casual gatherings. Also make sure to have something sweet, like cookies on hand. To minimize mess, try to serve foods without wrappers.

Preparation, Meet Opportunity

Make you have all supplies- racks, hangers, mannequins, mirrors. Good lighting is a must, as people will be trying on clothing. Also make sure that you have an area for guests to sit down and socialize- it is a party after all!

Delegate And Conquer

Make sure that you have hired help or designated a friend to help try on clothes and operate the cash box for purchases. This will help ensure that things run smoothly. This will also relieve you of stress and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Cocktails, Anyone? 

Drinks can be a pivotal point of any party. A signature cocktail will create a common ground stimulate conversation. A few cocktails may even encourage your friends to model their favorite looks from the trunk show in a fashion show and perhaps, buy more that will benefit the charity. Pre-make your cocktails, and hand them out to guests as they arrive.