Belles of the Ball

Debutantes Give Back to the San Antonio Symphony

By Ellie Leeper
Photography by Greg Harrison

Imagine an evening that is like a fairytale… young ladies in white dresses with white satin gloves awaiting their gentlemen in classic tuxedos. He bows, she curtsies, and together they waltz around a ballroom covered in a plethora of fresh flowers with family and friends eagerly looking on. Not a dream, this is the evening in San Antonio when 21 young ladies feel like Cinderella: the evening of the San Antonio Symphony Ball.

The San Antonio Symphony League held its 42nd annual Symphony Ball’s “An Enchanted Evening at the Alhambra” at the Hill Country Hyatt recently, honoring the 2012 Symphony Belles and Mrs. Jacob M. Huffman. For several decades, the Symphony League has proudly presented young ladies into San Antonio society who are the children or grandchildren of the members and participants of former symphony balls. These young ladies, or “Belles,” are part of a program that introduces them to the community through various service projects throughout high school, eventually leading to their high school senior year debutante presentation. One hundred percent of the annual contributions from the Symphony Ball are donated to the San Antonio Symphony to support their ability to continue their great work.

The honoree at the Ball this year, Mrs. Jacob M. Huffman, is a passionate supporter of the San Antonio Symphony League, and has been a faithful and active member for over 50 years. Throughout her tenure of membership and in addition to her own patronage, Mrs. Huffman has sponsored approximately 15 Belles whose families she graciously wanted to provide with this unique opportunity. We love a great ball and this one tops the list of favorites. Until next year’s Symphony Ball, of course.


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