San Antonio Museum Of Art’s Italian Exhibit

By Jake Gaines
Photography by Greg Harrison

THE SCENE: Recently the San Antonio Museum of Art featured Glories of the Baroque, a focus exhibition that contained a dozen works, both on loan and from the Museum’s seventeenth-century European collection, (including three etchings by Rembrandt) demonstrate the accomplishments of this great period in art history.

THE VIBE: The important style originated in Rome, and spread north through all of Europe, each country adapting its characteristics to its own culture. The focal point of this small exhibition is St. Mark the Evangelist by Vincenzo Dandini (1607-1675). This work, on loan to the Museum by Houstonian Sir Mark Haukohl in honor of Mark Watson III and Mark Watson IV, illustrates many of Baroque’s important characteristics: intense realism, dramatic lighting, and portrayal of St. Mark as a recognizable character drawn from everyday life.

One of Haukohl’s goals is to bring a greater awareness of Baroque art and European painting to San Antonio to attract new audiences to the museum and to encourage educational programming in the field. The museum will also be presenting various programs in conjunction with this installation.


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