Last winter I was seated at a gala in South Texas, where I was approached by a guest who shared the need for a sophisticated publication that could connect businesses with their “refined customer.” The result would be the collaboration of a team of talented professionals that would become The Society Diaries.

The timing was appropriate for us to secure this opportunity. I spent many an evening with marketing directors who embraced the concept with great enthusiasm. Their anticipation regarding the introduction of this new magazine creation provided sincere encouragement. Reflecting overwhelmingly positive acknowledgement – this magazine was born.

The next step was to gain interest and support from potential advertisers. We were energized and extremely pleased by the enthusiastic response from our advertising partners, confirming that there is no time like the present to move forward.

In the spirit of our design, where timeless elegance meets contemporary style, we decided to launch The Society Diaries.

Our publication combines luxury and style, elevating our dynamic region to a new level. We are proud that The Society Diaries will present our slice of the Texas pie and we hope you will be too, for many years to come.

Rossana Leeper
Associate Publisher
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