The tie between a people and their dogs goes back thousands of years. Here, our San Antonio-bred, pet loving Suzanne Negley learns more about that special bond these days with some of our favorite Texans

Madison Williams and Buttercup, San Antonio

How would you describe your dog’s style?

She has a feminine and delicate look from another time… she’s comfortable with a fluffy white lace bonnet with a pink satin ribbon tied under her chin.

If your furry pal was a character who was reincarnated, who would she have been?

Nana, the dog from Peter Pan. Buttercup looks after children, loves to keep things tidy, and has a very strong mothering instinct.

Does your dog have any irrational fears?

Anytime I’m under the water she goes into lifeguard mode and jumps in the water to “save” me.

Kelly Wynne and Fonzi Ferguson, Austin

What is your favorite Texas past-time/activity together?

Yoga because he’s a great morning stretcher.

If your pet had a voice, who would he sound like?

Alfalfa from The Little Rascals… he even has the cowlick to prove it.

What is your pet’s greatest indulgence?

He loves taking naps every hour on the hour especially when he’s working at Kelly Wynne HQ.

Bailey McCarthy and Bella, Houston

How would you describe your dog’s style?

To me she looks exactly like Blythe Danner. Like her, Bella is practical, but beautiful with an appropriate hint of non- fussy glamour.

If your furry pal was a fictional character who would she have been?

Margot Tenenbaum, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, in The Royal Tenenbaums. She has secrets but is deeply loyal. She probably smokes, but we would never know.

Does she have any funny quirks?

She prefers to watch T.V. perched on top of the couch, because no one looks down on Bella.