As 2015 winds down, we can aim to resolve the past as we look toward to future, according to Austin-based Resonance Repatterning Practitioner Mary Schneider

The past is incredibly powerful from many different perspectives. It is an important part of determining how we respond to the future. It has been wisely said that if we do not understand the past we are destined to repeat it. When we look at the current situation in the world today, much of what I have seen in my lifetime is starting to recycle itself – from fashion to disease to political movements, yet looking forward remains essential.


The past can be just as meaningful as the future, in the history of society, culture and the world. We as individuals may be destined to repeat our past if we do not come to an understanding of it, and then resolve to let it go. Fundamentally, through the therapeutic process of understanding and letting go of the past, we become free. This is the process of liberation, and although not easy, it is worth it.

Freedom in any context is always hard won. Talk to any refugee. The freedom we take advantage of every day in this country is the result of decades of sacrifice and the loss of millions of lives. Having experimented with the concept of freedom in many different forms since the moment I could conceptualize, it is everything. Freedom as money, as security, as relationship, and as individuality. After numerous attempts to define what freedom actually is, I have come to the conclusion that it is only found within ourselves and it can only be found within by coming to terms with the past. But, how?

If we have not dealt with our past, our unresolved issues and feelings from our earlier lives are constantly triggering what we deal with in the present. Something seemingly innocuous can occur and we are mired in anger, resentment or fear without understanding why. Unfortunately, when this happens we generally respond as if this is an appropriate response to whatever current situation is occurring. If our anger is triggered, we are almost never present, because anger relates to the past.

Anger is often triggered by a similar past event. Sometimes this process is so opaque we are completely unaware that the current upsetting situation is even remotely related to a past situation. We are convinced that our reaction in the present has to do with the present situation, which is almost always a fallacy. The trigger mechanism is in our sub-conscious; if we are unable to resolve it, then we need insight about it.

When we are not present, we are disempowered. Empowerment comes from responding to a situation in the present. The only way that we can consistently respond in the present is to heal, understand, and let go of the past. Thus, we end up repeating the same old patterns of behavior and relationship.


We must transcend the cycle of repeating the same old relationships, the same old jobs, and the same old arguments over and over again. Like comfort food that may not be good for us. For most of us, if we authentically look at our lives we can see that this is in some way our own situation. The reason why this happens is so that we can eventually see that there is a pattern here that needs to be changed. As we move through the healing process, letting go of this trigger and that past painful situation, we begin to see all kinds of patterns in which we have been stuck. We realize we have been making many of our decisions about ourselves and our loved ones from this non-coherent perspective.

As this process unfolds, we really begin to connect the dots within our life. Everything that has ever occurred earlier in our lives begins to make sense and we can see why we took one road and not another, why we got involved with this person and not that one, and beyond. As this occurs, we start to move to patterns of greater beauty and complexity and our lives loosen up. There is expansion. There is freedom. There is real choice. What I see continuously is that people’s lives change in very simple and dramatic ways – new jobs, new careers, new homes, new relationships. Or, the old ones are improved for the better. It is extremely exciting.

So as we end another incredible year and move toward the finish of another decade, let’s resolve to let go of the past and the uncomfortable hold it has on our families and us. In this new millennia, let’s resolve to live in expansion and freedom, the way we were meant to be, in 2016 ahead.