It’s in the stars. We all know that, but in the gems, too? Just in time for the holidays, our dynamic foreseer Weiss Kelly, pmafa, shares her insight on why things that sparkle can have a powerfully magnetic and energetic meaning with your birthday.

main-gems-circleThe attraction and mystery surrounding gems has always been alluring and a fascinating mixture of fact and fiction. In ancient times, precious gemstones decorated crowns, shields, and swords. Kings in old days led battles on the battlefields wearing leather breastplates studded with precious stones, because they believed the God-given gems protected them and legends are filled with the beautiful stories concerning the names and therapeutic powers of gems come from the mythologies of ancient Asia, Egypt, and Greece. In fact, the Babylonians first used the signs of the zodiac, then followed by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians.

Gems have long been associated with astrology, and each planet has a gem assigned by history and tradition. Over time our attraction to both the stars and gems has not changed. Everything on earth, and in the heavens above, including the planets, is comprised of magnetic energy. Unknowingly, you respond to their vibrations with a corresponding energy based upon your own birth horoscope. A kind of cosmic DNA, if you will that is absorbed into your own biological system. Each of your birth gems has its own energy, after years of having jewelry designers consult me, I am always in awe of their final artistic, and highly, personalized, “one of a kind” pieces designed for their clients, based upon my delineations.

Gems have a fascinating mixture of fact and fiction, following are the traditional Sun Sign gems from the days of antiquity, although I can, and on occasion do use a modern list of birthstones, an amalgamation of biblical lore and astrological knowledge that is acceptable. Your Sun Sign gem is your power gem.

The gem for SCORPIO (10/23-11/21) is the Topaz, having a range of colors lights, yellow, brown, green and blue, that subject to change before your eyes.  The most beautiful is from Brazil. Like the Scorpio personality, it increases your awareness and powers of transformation. The Turquoise is given to SAGITTARIUS (11/22-12/21). The oldest known pieces of jewelry are four bracelets found on dead Egyptian Queen Zer. This gemstone arrived in Europe via Turkey. Without it, the mosaics of the Arabs, Europeans and Latin American would not take on their richness. Turquoise is worn to give you a sense of direction and protection.

The power gem for CAPRICORN (12/22-1/19) is the Garnet and has a natural star within the stone. A new Garnet stone, a clear green color, was discovered in Africa in 1969 and signifies constancy and fidelity. AQUARIUS (1/20-2/18) is the powerful gem of Amethyst whose violet color ranges from soft grey orchid to strong reddish purple called Siberian.  It is the only gemstone found in quantity. Many Monarchs admired this gem and its power. Put it under your pillow to bring about pleasant dreams, use it in a room to bring healing and overcome negativity. Wearing it over comes drunkenness The next, PISCES (2/20-3/20) claims Jade as its power stone. Jade is found in a number of colors and the Chinese regards jade as the Jewel of Heaven. The finest shade of jade is the rare green Imperial color, used as early as 10,000 B.C. The last Empress of China, had a vast collection of hundreds of thousands of pieces of this precious color. In China Jade bracelets are handed down from generation to generation because of the luck it is said to bring the wearer.

For the fire sign of ARIES (3/21-4/20) your gem is the Diamond. the Greeks called the diamond Adamus, which means unconquerable. It is the hardest of known stones and is used today as the engagement ring stone, a symbol of strong trust and faithfulness. It comes in many colors, and like the light, it exudes all the colors of the spectrum, even the smallest chips, that can give you a sense of safety and protection. The TAURUS (4/21-5/20) gem is the Emerald, whose color ranges from blue to emerald green. The finest are mined in Columbia, and South Africa. Egypt’s Cleopatra wore and used emeralds from her emerald mines in upper Egypt and the stone was the favorite of Empress Catherine the Great. It is also the gem thought to increase your memory and strengthens your eyes and is considered lucky for love. GEMINI ((5/21-6/22) is the Aquamarine stone, a clear, blue color that as the source of its name means Water of The Sea and holds within it all the beauty and unleashed powers of the sea. It is the gem known for travel, Sailors wore them as a protection from storms and wearing it is thought to increase your creative process, and also for mindful meditation.

The translucent Pearl, the Queen of Gems, just like a tiny moon shape, is ruled by CANCER (6/23-7/22); It is chiefly from the Persian Gulf in the Sulu sea coast off Australia, and further, off the South Pacific Islands. Its size, shape, and color vary, and pearls are referred to several times in the Bible, and thought to be the tears of the Angels. Their nurturing power balances relationships and is known to convey a peaceful energy transmitted to the wearer. The ancient Ruby, rules LEO (7/23-8/22) this vibrant red color gem is second only in value to diamonds. It was the eighth stone on the breastplate of the High Priest Aaron, the brother of Moses. Wearing it, we understand through legend, can help in circulation, and bring love and romance into your life. It’s also valued as a commodity in watchmaking and medical instruments. For the sign of VIRGO 8/23-9/22), the beautiful stone is the Sapphire. Legend states that this gem lit Noah’s ark during the great flood. Said to be the gem of your destiny, Buddhists believe it favors spiritual enlightenment. The scintillating flash of the Opal is assigned to LIBRA (9/21-10/22) and it event gave the language a new word, opalescence. There are four types of opals, white, black transparent, and common No other gemstone has so many legends and superstitions, from blessings to disruptions, as seen in the delicacy of the stone.

Whatever your birth gems may be, wear them, feel their power, enjoy their beauty in good health and happiness. After all, they are a special gift from our Mother Earth and the Universe.